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Combinatorial Explosion

The other day someone asked if it were possible for two people to settle on the same prompt and then get the same end result. Technically the answer is yes, because numbers always have a limit, however, the probability here is insanely rare. It's kind of a trippy...


You wanna know a secret? I tried to keep quiet about this for weeks, but since someone else let the "easter egg" out, I figure I can share it here as well. The secret is... CURSED! That's right. Just add --style cursed to any V4 prompt (or remix and add it) and you...

Style, Stylize, and Chaos in V4

MidJourney just added some sweet new options for V4 today, and so I updated Prompter with new drop-down selections for 4A and 4B, as well as stylize and aspect ratios. Ya'll been playing around with all the new style & stylize options? It's so fun to see the...

Tiled Charleston

The --tile command is here, and now we call can make seamless patterns. I love patterns in all forms. Over 25 years ago I was making patterns in MS Paint, and today I have Photoshop with 50+ custom actions to make crazy patterns. I live in a really beautiful little...

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Don’t Use GTP

A little warning on this post. Usually I am a nice and helpful guy, but time to time I need to go...

Willow Dog Runs

I have a little corgi puppy that I adore, but she is a bit crazy. We like taking her for hikes in...

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