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by Shane McGeehan

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Prompter for MidJourney

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How I use Prompter, and fun with Randomness

What Is Prompter?

After weeks of studying imagery, researching prompt design, and compiling an organized database of descriptive terminology, I have put together Prompter – an extremely detailed prompt building interface. My goal was to make a tool that is both visually straightforward for new users, but also complex and comprehensive enough for the advanced crowd.

The Prompter interface has it all, and you can learn with the Prompter Tutorial. Optional custom weights on every item, image URL input, simple checkboxes for parameters such as Stylize and Quality, seed control, algorithm version selection, and drop-down menus with a database of hundreds of descriptors. Select a popular aspect ratio, from your standard mobile phone screen to a super-wide canvas. Choose camera lenses, lighting, color, or even a huge list of art movements and famous artists.

Prompter is also fully customizable. Display or hide descriptors in the Terms sheet, or write in your own and create your very own private database. You can even click the SAVE button to save all of your prompts with date and time, add notes, and even LOAD old prompts back into the Prompter interface (buttons run an external script, so you just need to allow that one time and they will work perfectly).


(switch with one click)


(no need for –codes)


(hundreds of terms)


(batch tons of prompts)

What Is New?

Prompter has evolved a lot in the past few months, and you can see it all in the Prompter Changelog. I always try to keep up to date with the newest additions and changes by MidJourney. Some of the most exciting additions include:

1. The entire backend has been reorganized and recoded for speed and easy updates. It took a good few weeks of work, but this is the best Prompter has ever been.

2. The interface is fully dynamic, so when you select a new algorithm warnings will display, since some features are not compatible. Now you don’t have to worry about what parameters and aspect ratios are available for what version.

3. The new Terms sheet is fully customizable. Uncheck terms you don’t want to use and they will be hidden from Prompter menus. Add your own terms, move things around – make it yours!

4. Batcher is now build right intot he Prompter interface. Turn one idea into 100 prompts with a sinly click. Then you just copy/paste into MidJourney. This powerful new addition can speed up your workflow and brainstorming.

Feel free to check out the somewhat disorganized Prompter Changelog any time.

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