Prompt Design Resources for MidJourney AI

by Shane McGeehan

Prompter for MidJoureny

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What Is MidJourney?

MidJourney is a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) powered tool that turns text into imagery. You simply enter a “prompt” (a descriptive string of words) and the AI analyzes the language then outputs an image via diffusion methods. Though the datasets were trained on billions of images, what you get back in return is one that has never existed before.

Among other popular AI options (such as Stable Diffusion, Dall-E 2, Craiyon, NightCafe) what makes MidJourney stand out above the rest is its amazing amount of flexibility with multiple algorithms, quality settings, stylize, and chaos, and the fact that the company is so community driven with some of the most helpful, fun, and inspiring creators. You can also make literally thousands of images per month on the Standard Plan, something hardly possible on other AI platforms.

The project is now in open beta! Sign up for a free Discord account if you don’t have one, then head over to the MidJourney website to join in the fun. To summarize, if you have never heard or seen text-to-image AI, it will blow your mind. No lie. If starting out seems intimidating, don’t stress, just read through my helpful MidJourney Notes and become a master!

Mushroom Men

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/imagine prompt: a pixar character design of a friendly mushroom creature, large eyes, happy, silly, friendly

An Alien's Skull

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/imagine prompt: a dark dripping skull of an alien on display in a glass cube

Steampunk City View

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/imagine prompt: an old vase with a plant growing out of it that is half steampunk machine with gears and wires, in the background is a window with raindrops and a scene of city buildings on a rainy day with lights in the windows, photorealistic, incredibly detailed, shallow depth of field

Rainy Day Corgi

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/imagine prompt: an adorable little black tricolor corgi in a yellow raincoat holding a yellow umbrella in the rain

Grandfather Clock Cabin

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/imagine prompt: in the foreground is a colorful autumn forest scene, a small gothic house grandfather clock, insanely detailed

Hurricane Monster

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/imagine prompt: photograph of a hurricane storm with monster fangs and claws, insanely detailed from above

What Is Prompter?

After weeks of studying imagery, researching prompt design, and compiling an organized database of descriptive terminology, I have put together the Prompter spreadsheet and multi-chapter Visual Notebook to assist others in prompt creation. My goal was to make a tool that is both visually straightforward for new users, but also complex and comprehensive enough for the advanced crowd.

The Prompter interface has it all, and you can learn with the Prompter Tutorial. Optional custom weights on every item, image URL input, simple checkboxes for parameters such as Stylize and Quality, seed control, algorithm version selection, and drop-down menus with a database of hundreds of descriptors. Select a popular aspect ratio, from your standard mobile phone screen to a super-wide canvas. Choose camera lenses, lighting, color, or even a huge list of art movements and famous artists.

Prompter is also fully customizable. Select CUSTOM and write in your own artist, or add your own terms to the MyData sheet (your very own private database). You can even click the SAVE button to save all of your prompts with date and time, add notes, or click CLEAR to reset the entire form and start over (buttons run an external script, so you just need to allow that one time and they will work perfectly).


(switch with one click)


(no need for --codes)


(hundreds of terms)


(brand new features)

What Is New?

Prompter has evolved a lot in the past few months, and I always try to keep up to date with the newest additions and changes by MidJourney. Some of the most exciting additions include:

      • The gigantic database of descriptors is now fully cloud-based, so when I make changes, your spreadsheet automatically updates. This cloud data also notifies you if there is a new version of Prompter available - just click and update!
      • I re-coded every field to change when you select a new test/p algorithm since some features are not compatible. Also, since weights give you an error, even if you add weights and then select test/p, they will automatically be removed for you. This makes jumping from V3 to TEST way easier while you work.
      • The newest Clusters feature is really fun! Basically, you can create groups of descriptors to add to a prompt with one click. I designed a bunch of my own options in the cloud database, so if you select “Expired Film” these terms are added to your prompt: “disposable camera photograph, hyper-realistic, Flickr, 4k, light rays, ambrotype color, bokeh” - More terms and features are always being added, so stay tuned!
      • Feel free to check out the somewhat disorganized Prompter Changelog any time.

What Is The Visual Notebook?

The Prompter Visual Notebook is an extensive and evolving resource for all your prompting needs. This is just a personal project of mine, and is not an official guide (you can also browse the official MidJourney Documentation gitbook or the amazing channels on Discord like #prompt-faq or #prompt-chat).

That said, my notebook covers everything from the basics of Discord, to the MidJourney user interface, parameters, aspect ratios, and much more. The main portion consists of hundreds of descriptors and visual examples taken right from the Prompter database, and will soon be available to browse on this website. Check out a few visual examples below, and don’t forget to bookmark the site so you can keep coming back for more!

Stained Glass

(style it up by adding a medium)

Drone View

(change your perspective with camera terms)


(choose from tons of descriptors)

Wassily Kandinsky

(pick artists, movies, or video games)