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by Shane McGeehan

Prompter Changelog

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Version 2024.02.17


    • Added Niji V6 and Raw Style
    • Added an option to remove all MidJourney codes and parameters so the prompts can be copied into other AI models like Stable Diffusion, Dalle, and so on. In the “Include codes and parameters” setting at the top, you can now select (text prompt only) to remove all MidJurney stuffs.
Version 2024.01.10


    • Quick fix release, had to add code to make aspect ratios work for V6.

Version 2024.01.01


    • Oops I think I slacked on the changelog for the last one or two releases. My bad, ya’ll.
    • Added V6 and raw to the versions menu.

Version 2023.07.17


    • Quick update with the new V5.2 and V5.2 RAW style added.
    • Coming soon: Working on a method to make all algorythm changes cloud based, meaning when a new version or style is added (like today) you won’t have to update prompter. It’ll automatically get added. Also adding the option to strip the prompt of all MidJourney syntax so the basic prompt builder can be used for any AI desired. Just a fun feature, but MidJourney will still me my main focus moveing forward.
Version 2023.05.03


    • Quick update with the new V5.1 and V5.1 RAW style added.
Version 2023.04.23


    • I have decided to change version numbers to dates. This last update was ahuge one, tons of changes and I recoded the entire backend so that things are faster and easier to update.
    • The MyPrompts sheet is now extremely powerful. You can click SAVE to save a prompt to the sheet, then select an old prompt and click LOAD to bring it into Prompter for more editing.
    • Batcher is now built right into Prompter, and the settings interface is simpler.
    • Typeface Design was just added to Batcher! What does this mean? You can now use Batcher to turn any idea into a full alphabet numbers.
    • The Terms sheet is now fully customizable. You cna check boxes to hide or show terms, and you can also add your own terms by simply typing them in.
    • Added new V5 and Niji to algorithms.
Version 3.5

(released 2023-03-10)

    • Batcher (a brand new sheet for batching tons of prompts) is now a part of Prompter in v3.5 and is fully customizable. Turn one idea into 100 prompts. Makes prompt exploring and testing a breeze.
    • Huge changes in the backend. Condensed and reorganized the custom scripts, and completely redesigned the backend and all the code that builds prompts.
    • Made the “Only Add :: When I Add Weights” setting flawless in a prompt. Now it checkes every section before the item with weights and adds a :: after it if needed.
Version 3.4

(released 2023-02-09)

    • Well, of course, I make a big update (3.3) and 24 hours later MidJourney changes something. Now that we have 4a, 4b, and the new 4c, I rearranged everything to fit all of the versions in one interface. Now each will show different aspect ratios as well.
    • Added a new “Random” feature where you click a dice to randomize one section, or click the big RANDOM button to add a bunch of descriptors to your prompt all at once! Silly, yes, but it’s a whole lot of fun!
    • Added a whole bunch of new descriptive terms to the database, from art mediums to video games. Some may not give successful results, but I wanted to include all of them for now to have more fun with the random feature.
Version 3.3

(released 2023-02-03)

    • Re-coded the entire custom script (for the SAVE and CLEAR buttons, as well as multiple select in drop-down menus). Everything works the same as before but the code was cleaned up and easier to understand. It also makes “allowing” the script way simpler than before. Huge thanks to Shane Jennings for reaching out and helping with the code!
    • Google keeps having an issue where, at times, it can’t fetch cloud data, so I decided to just import the entire database into the Prompter sheet, meaning no more downtime.
    • Created a new cloud database so you get a warning if a new version is released.
    • Added new aspect ratios for the latest V4 update on 2023/02/01.
Version 3.2

(released 2023-01-09)

    • Added the new NijiJourney model to the algorithms list, and updated all the settings to show what is compatible or not.
    • Even though Quality is not functional in V4, I kept the space open for now. It doesn’t really matter since MidJourney will auto-default the setting, so it won’t burn GPU hours for no reason.
    • Secret: Since someone leaked this weird hidden gem, I decided to add the hidden Cursed style to the algorithms list as well. Now with one click, you can get those strange gritty dark images.
    • Adjusted the Stylize range for Test and TestP.
Version 3.1

(released 2022-12-01)

    • Added aspect ratios for V4 to allow for 3:2 and 2:3 as well as the default 1:1.
    • Added V4a and V4b to the algorithm menu, which will automatically use –style 4a or 4b in the final prompt upon selection. This will likely change in the near future, or more versions added, unless V5 is really around the corner.
    • Added back the option for Stylize with warning notes that it goes from 0 to 1000, default at 100.
    • Updated a few links and my email since the new PrompterGuide website is now live.
Version 3.0

(released 2022-11-05)

    • Added V4 to the list of algorithms (ohhhh yeaaaaaaaa) and keeping TEST for now, though I forsee it being gone soon enough.
    • Updated the entire interface with new code to show limitation warnings in all fields, for all versions, that way you know what settings are compatible or not with different versions.
    • Decided to remove the image weight parameter, and instead add three separate boxes for weight.
    • Developing a website for Prompter and MidJourney Notes (yep, this website: which I’ve been slowly working on, but I just got a corgi puppy, so give it time.
Version 2.9

(released 2022-10-07)

    • Changed all of the backend database and code for some new features.
    • Split up Film (movies and tv) and Video Games for more options.
    • Safety code so if you select a TEST feature, it removes incompatible aspect ratios.
    • Temporary fix for getting errors with :: in the middle of two weighted terms, added a plus sign +:: which looks stupid but doesn’t seem to alter the prompt, then you don’t get the error. This is a quick fix for now, but a real fix will take a bunch more IF THEN codes.
    • Moved the main code to a new cell so users accidentally don’t copy it instead of the prompt. Only happened to a few people, but this will make it less weird for them, lol.
Version 2.8

(released 2022-09-20)

    • Added the new TILE feature to make seamless patterns.
    • Added the video option back into TEST. This wasn’t working, but now it seems to be compatible, so it’s back.
    • Changed the style of the SAVE and CLEAR buttons to be more button-like.
Version 2.7

(released 2022-09-05)

    • Rewrote all the backend code so that weights, double colons, images, and other things are automatically removed when TEST is selected, so you don’t get errors. Also, warnings appear on certain items to let you know they are not compatible with TEST features. Might have to release a new version if MidJourney changes things.
    • Moved some things around to fit the new “clusters” section. Clusters allow you to easily add multiple descriptors to the end of a prompt. For example, if you are using “daguerreotype photograph, telephoto lens, contre-jour lighting, black and white” for a lot of prompts for a series, you can save that prompt cluster to easily add into any prompt. You can create 5 custom clusters to be saved for future use then pick one of them. CloudData will have a growing list of more clusters in the coming days.
    • I removed LocalData to simplify things. I personally have rarely had any issues with CloudData, so we are making that the default now. The Descriptors will be pulled from my main cloud database now.
Version 2.6

(released 2022-08-29)

    • A bunch of changes in this version. Moved the image weight near the end. I liked keeping it near the image, but MidJourney made some changes, and now I get errors unless it’s at the end. I added this to the current 2.5 version online, but it will be official in 2.6.
    • Added a new drop-down menu to select the algorithm version, and included the new TEST and TESTP features as well as CREATIVE options. These will likely be removed within a day or two, maybe, so I will need to release another update to remove them. Since not all features work with TEST, I added dynamic warnings to show what other things, like images, you cannot use.
    • All sections of the Visual Notebook are now complete and ready. I will be editing this often, so it’s a great up-to-date reference for all things MidJourney.
Version 2.5

(released 2022-08-20)

    • Huge update here: I created the Prompter Visual Notebook and linked it to the Prompter spreadsheet. This is a Google Doc resource to show what various terms in Prompter might look like in an image. I like to keep Prompter simple and text-only, however, a few visual resources can be useful for things like camera, lighting, artists, and so on. The only incomplete section is “Descriptors” and everything will grow and evolve in time.
    • After much testing, I have decided to add a new setting option to put a :: separation after every different element in Prompter. My tests have shown that commas seem to do nothing, and though a :: is useful for weights, it also is good to separate ideas, and without it sometimes two ideas get blended into one. A lot of :: in a prompt make it look long, and also ugly on the MJ site (they give a new line to every :: break) but in reality, all that matters is the image, not how the prompt looks to us or others.
    • Small changes, moved a few things, but nothing too noticeable.
Version 2.4

(released 2022-08-08)

    • Added the new –chaos command, which seems to just make things weird and abstract.
    • The –quality can now max out at 5 instead of 2, they switched this back.
    • Added a bunch of new terms to the cloud database, more to come, but I also don’t want to get overly complicated with it. I see the point of Prompter is to give you a quick start, lots of options, and mostly just to save time – so you can get creative with other terms.
    • Added a cloud-sync “Notes” section which I have no idea what I’ll do with, lol. We’ll see.
    • Wrapped the entire prompt code in a “CLEAN” function (removes unsupported characters) in order to fix an issue with Mac users.
    • Attempted to make a button to send the prompt right to Discord automatically via a webhook, but MidJourney doesn’t allow “bots” to trigger prompts, so that’s out.
Version 2.3

(released 2022-07-30)

    • Submitted my custom script file to Google for approval – still waiting on them.
    • Added a setting so you can pick what shows in drop-down menus. Now you can use CloudData or LocalData, but also have the option to only show MyData alone, or CloudData alone.
    • Updated “–quality” to 0.25 to 2 max, MidJourney removed the 5 max settings.
    • Added code so if a subject is given weight it separates the previous subject with a “::” to solve the issue of weights on the wrong subject.
    • Changed the style of “categories” in the database, and used lines so they stand out more.
    • Edited the text panel on the right to explain things more clearly.
Version 2.2

(released 2022-07-25)

    • Right after the release of v2.0, MidJourney switched its system to the new model, so I had to quickly add and remove items for functionality.
    • Removed the “–test” command since it is now standard.
    • Remove “vibe” and added the new “–version 1” and ”–version 2” commands instead.
    • Added “–stylize” and “–quality” commands.
Version 2.0

(released 2022-07-24)

    • Added code to show if there is an update available, and a link to download.
    • Complete redesign of the prompt order and style.
    • Added cloud-based data, local data, and the option to turn cloud sync on or off.
    • Bug fixes where sometimes having two “–no” commands mess with image quality.
    • Added a LOT of new terms to the database and organized them into categories. Now with about 1000 artists, new terms for color, light, and countless descriptors.
    • Added a personal database for user input that is fully private and shows up at the top of drop-down menus.
    • Changed Cinema to Video, and added many popular video games for style.
    • Added the ability to select multiple terms in one drop-down menu through an additional app script. Also submitted my script to Google and am awaiting approval so it is easier for public users to allow them to run.
Version 1.0

(released 2022-07-16)

    • Completed design and code for full functionality, and tested with multiple users.
    • One database with various descriptors, art movements, artists, and terms for color, light, camera, and cinema was added.
    • Custom script coded to make SAVE and CLEAR buttons function, script needs to be allowed in order to run.
    • Made public for free use.

(click the prompt to copy it!)

/imagine prompt: a tiny wood cabin with red roof, creek, fall foliage, low fog rain storm couple holding hands silhouette night --ar 3:2 --v 4

Privacy Policy

I (Shane McGeehan, the creator of Prompter) do not collect or sell any personal user information when you use Prompter. Prompter is a spreadsheet you can copy to your personal Google Drive, and is then completely private to you.

The additional Google Apps Script simply adds greater functionality to the spreadsheet. Accepting the script adds support for multi-select drop-down menus, as well as the SAVE and CLEAR buttons.

My website ( uses Google Analytics to track anonymous page visits, and I just use it so I can see the scope of my audience and daily visits. The only case in which I might get access to personal information (such as your name, email, Facebook, Discord, or MidJourney) is by you contacting me with support questions or ideas or offering donations. I will never share or use this information beyond one-on-one communication, and possibly a kind thank you email for donations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at any time (

Terms Of Service

I (Shane McGeehan, the creator of Prompter) do not work for MidJourney, Discord, or any other related entity. I am a private developer who just enjoys creating tools to help others with better automation and creativity. Really, I am just a weird artist guy who gets bored and makes awesome spreadsheets.

I created Prompter to help the community with prompt formation in MidJourney. Though I can not guarantee that Prompter will make your images exactly how you envision them, I think you will find it to be a great resource in helping you with terminology and the understanding of how prompts work. I also can’t guarantee that Prompter will always work perfectly, as MidJourney tends to update often, but I plan to keep up to date as quickly as possible.

Prompter is free to download and modify for personal use. By downloading Prompter, you agree not to use the name, design, or organization of data for your own personal gain. Please contact me if you have any questions (

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