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by Shane McGeehan

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About Me

My name is Shane and I am a tech geek and weird artist who got an MFA because I was bored. Well, I got bored again and along came AI imagery. Since I love to teach, I created this website in order to help others master MidJourney and create new things, because creativity makes us happy, and we all deserve to have fun and explore our imaginations.

Prompter Guide is an incredibly detailed and organized resource with visual examples, insightful blog posts, and even a feature-packed prompt design tool. As MidJourney grows and evolves, I plan to keep this resource free and constantly updated - so bookmark it!

(me… as a muppet)

Learn more About Me and my background, work, and thoughts on AI.
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Recent Updates

NijiJourney → Added the new --niji parameter to the algorithms section.
Links → Started a URL links page to all kinds of AI tools and resources.
Prompter 3.2 → Updated to a new version of Prompter with Niji and dynamic warnings.
About Me → Added a new page with some background info about me and my work.
Signing Up → Added details about the new subscription plans, monthly or yearly.

Visual Notebook

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Chapter 1: Beginner Notes

  • MidJourney → A text-to-image artificial intelligence, that is awesome.
  • Prompter → A free tool to assist and inspire prompt building.
  • Beginner Tips → Useful info everyone starting out should know.
    Signing Up (Discord and Subscriptions)
    Pro Tips (what to know when you start)

Chapter 2: Discord Notes

Chapter 3: Prompting Notes

Chapter 4: Parameter Notes


Prompter is my gift to the MidJourney AI creative community. What began as a personal project to better understand AI imagery since grew into an all-inclusive prompt builder and a multi-page visual notebook. With thousands of visits and a buzz on social media, I think we are onto something, so I plan to keep at it!

I created Prompter to assist, inspire, and ease prompt writing. A simple one-page user interface has everything you could possibly need. Select from common aspect ratios, various mediums, and even parameters like stylize, quality, chaos, and so much more… This project is completely free, though I appreciate all the donations and support many of you have given me.

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