Prompt Design Resources for MidJourney AI

by Shane McGeehan

About Prompter Guide

Yo, sup? My name is Shane and I am just a weird artist and data geek. I created Prompter, a Google Spreadsheet to assist and inspire prompt design for MidJoureny. This website is my newest idea. A Visual Notebook to help people with MidJourney in a detailed but organized way. Learn what parameters do, how to image prompt, work with seeds, and just about everything else. My goal was to make a resource that is simple enough for people starting out, but comprehensive and (hopefully) inspiring enough for you advanced prompters out there.

AI is changing so fast (too fast?), and so as MidJoureny grows and evolves, I plan to keep this free resource constantly updated – and soon full of blog posts and video tutorials.

abstract expressionist art style

(me… as a muppet)


Prompter is my gift to the MidJourney AI creative community. What began as a personal project to better understand AI imagery since grew into a all-inclusive prompt builder and a multi-page visual notebook. With thousands of visits and a buzz on social media, I think we are onto something, so I plan to keep at it!

I created Prompter to assist, inspire, and ease prompt writing. A simple one-page user interface has everything you could possibly need. Select from common aspect ratios, various mediums, and even parameters like stylize, quality, chaos, and so much more… This project is completely free, though I appreciate all the donations and support many of you have given me.

abstract expressionist art style

Visual Notebook

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