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Strange Planet in 360 Virtual Reality

I am a bit of a virtual reality geek. There is something so surreal or trippy about being able to stand in a small room yet feel like you are flying a jet around New York City at sunset, or sculpting creatures with digital clay. I foresee a future where we can blend AI and VR in real-time, and literally create landscapes and characters around us. I can’t even imagine how fun that could be once the tech catches up with our imaginations.

I had the idea to create a 360 panorama long ago, but never had much luck with V3. I began using V4 to create wide shots and heard someone use the term “equirectangular projection” which I had never heard of. It was perfect… I came up with a workflow to create multiple images in MidJourney, blend them together in Photoshop, then copy part of the beginning back to the end, and blend that so that I get a seamless 360 image. I then used a tool to embed 360 camera metadata so that I could post it online. Lastly, I had to fire up the old VR, launch Virtual Desktop, and stand inside my chaotic and dismal alien planet (along with some weird mixed audio I made in Adobe Audition).

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/imagine prompt: equirectangular projection of a alien UFO in a landscape and purple volcanoes lava and green stormy skies lightning seamless insanely detailed ultra-wide angle lens --stylize 500 --ar 2:1 --v 4 --style 4c

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