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Joseph Niépce’s Chickens

Most photographers out there are well aware of the grainy black and white image taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, famously known as the first photograph. What is lesser known (and not true at all, completely made up for the sake of humor) is that the image is not simply the side of buildings outside his window as we once thought, but rather a beautiful chicken farm that Niépce had lived on. As we zoom out from the original Heliograph we can see Niépce’s house, chicken coop, and all the wonderful hens of 1827.

Okay, so I am admittedly a huge photography geek. I went to art school for it, and even taught digital photography to college students. I really wish I was still teaching so I could use AI to mess with them, but a blog post will do… I just wanted to have some fun with the new Photoshop Beta and outpainting an old historical photograph. Might have to try some Daguerre, Talbot, or even Bayard next. Lol.

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