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The Film

People think AI is simple and you just type stuff – sure, sometimes. I have been working on this prompt for 5 days trying to get what I wanted, and still didn’t quite get 100% there, but I decided to use what worked. This new piece is called “The Film” and is just a short about pain.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Nine Inch Nails lately, which isn’t my norm, but he’s some great tracks. The young gamer in me really loved the Quake soundtrack that Trent Reznor did. Music inspires, and so I had this idea to create an old film movie showing pain, suffering, saddness. The dark stuff.

I used the new V5 with a weird aspect ratio of 1:7 to get film strips that I was able to zoom into. I then upscaled the imagery with Visions Of Chaos, animated the frames in Adobe Premiere, and added some sound mixed from Riffusion AI and my own edits in Adobe Audition.)

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/imagine prompt: IMAGEURL film strip scan of a man crying screaming in the rain --ar 1:7 --stylize 1000 --chaos 0 --v 5

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