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Happy Amoebas

MidJourney’s Facebook is doing weekly themes for fun, and I love fun, so let’s do it. This week’s theme is “creatures” so I wanted to think of something out of the ordinary. I own a pretty powerful microscope, not for the sake of science, but purely aesthetics. I hook up my camera to explore these tiny worlds and make photographs. Anyway, I was wondering, what if you looked in and saw a bunch of happy amoebas?!

I first made a bunch of happy amoebas with the prompt below, but swapping out –style 4b for 4a, or swapping between low and high stylize and chaos. I like running the same prompt idea in a bunch of ways to see what options I can work with. I then had the idea to make a bunch of fantasy microscopes to pair with the amoebas. I did the same with this prompt below, running it, and swapping numbers. Then I downloaded, upscaled, and altered some colors of the images, even using the new Photoshop Neural Filter to colorize some that were less colorful. And there you have it, a bunch of happy amoebas!

(click the prompt to copy it!)

/imagine prompt: microscope imagery of a happy amoeba smiling and laughing in a petri dish surrounded by other cells --ar 3:2 --style 4b --chaos 0 --stylize 1000 --v 4

/imagine prompt: product photograph of a high powered microscope, close up, lens, slide, bright light --stylize 800 --chaos 90 --v 4 --style 4b

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