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Photoshop Pattern Actions

Want to try out some free Photoshop actions? Read on! – I can remember being a kid staring at a big old computer monitor and making mirrored images using MS Paint. That’s how far back my passion for repetition goes. More recently, I began developing a collection of Actions in Photoshop to speed up pattern-making. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the perfect size shapes needed, then imported them into Photoshop. A lot of steps are involved (cutting out triangles, rotating them perfectly, filling gaps), but once you do it right and record it, then you can run the Action with little effort. So far I have created over 50 actions that do all kinds of things to an image, and when you combine them, things get really wacky.

Click HERE to download a sample pack of my actions. Just open an image, click “play” on an action, move the crop to where you want and hit enter – it does the rest for you!

For the example image here (this is less art and more just a sample of what these actions can do), I came up with a really long and weird prompt, as you can see below. I wanted something abstract yet detailed to work with. Upscaled a bunch then brought them into Photoshop. Just to show off what the actions can do, I ran each image through a few different pattern Actions – ending with a hexagonal one so I could arrange them in a grid. Kinda trippy, dude.

(click the prompt to copy it!)

/imagine prompt: close-up photography of molecules and atoms twisting into dna hallucinations and crystals, insanely detailed and complex, fractal sacred geometry, dmt, volumetric lighting --no defocus --stylize 1000 --ar 3:2 --v 4

(click to view)

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