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by Shane McGeehan

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I began this project a while ago (back in version 3) but set it aside while working on new ideas. I decided to dig up all the footage and finally get the idea out. I wanted this to be an experimental and experiential piece. Fast and confusing, and somewhat overwhelming… I ran the same prompt over and over (an image prompt from another image I made in MidJourney), downloaded all the video files, then upscaled the video. This better resolution allowed me to crop each of the grids into four individual videos. The audio is from an older work where I mixed various recorded sounds in Adobe Audition. Overall I am quite happy with the results, but would love to see this projected on a wall as a final form.

Pro Tips: I learned a few useful things working on this project. (1) On V3, if you use the --video parameter, you usually get a short little video, but if you pair it with --quality 5 as well, you get over 30 seconds of footage! I am hoping they add this video feature into V4, or maybe V5 when that comes out. (2) Since the video output is only the original grid, you can AI upscale the footage to get a larger resolution file, then crop in to one of the images in the grid. I used Visions Of Chaos to upscale but there are other options out there.

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/imagine prompt: --iw 2 photograph of a glass cube with dripping black liquid::3 200mm lens, extreme closeup:: volumetric lighting:: disco color:: --no people, faces --video --stylize 1000 --quality 5 --chaos 90 --ar 5:4

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