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by Shane McGeehan

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Weird Cameras
I am a photographer, so I thought it would be fun to attempt to prompt some ridiculous cameras. It was fun to see what ideas completely failed, and how others came out incredibly good. These are using TestP.

The Floof 5000 – I know you’re excited about the new release of the “Floof 5000” – the world’s first multi-lens camera with a fully fluffy soft cotton body for that oh-so-gentle touch on all those special shooting occasions!

The Fishtastic 44 – The world’s first fully functional portable aquarium that takes medium format spool film and utilizes the optical qualities of water itself to expose the most stunning images. Just wind your film, pull down the aquarium cover, and capture that moment. (warning: sometimes fish get in the way of the exposed light causing weird darkened artifacts).

(click the prompt to copy it!)

/imagine prompt: centered product photography of a camera made of fluffy cotton wool, white background, shallow depth of field, 80mm lens, studio lighting, bright --ar 3:2 --testp

/imagine prompt: a camera made out of a fish tank, colorful, white background, studio lighting, bright intricate insanely detailed --no defocus --ar 3:2 --test --creative

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