Prompt Design Resources for MidJourney AI

by Shane McGeehan


Helping Others

As you probably know by now, I like to help others out. This page is my own personal note-keeping. When people ask for prompting help on social media or in messages, instead of giving random ideas, I like to test things out to give better advice. Many times I learn something in return… I decided to start adding my findings to this page in case others ask similar questions, then I can link them, or people are searching the internetz.

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/imagine prompt: two people in a field of fluorescent glowing flowers under a rainbow sky in the darkness of night --ar 2:1 --stylize 800 --v 4

Vector Graphics

Issue - How can we make an image that is like a vector graphic? Simple without much shading and texture?
Solution - I tried a few things, and some in V4 didn’t seem to work on their own. For example, “vector graphics” made a pretty complex image that would be a pain to create in Illustrator. I ended up mixing a few things together to get where I felt it was headed in the right direction. Below is my prompt, however, other terms are great too, such as “Adobe Illustrator Style” or “vector illustration” as well.

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/imagine prompt: a bowl of soup on a table, vector graphics, 2d, icons, cartoon style, illustration --v 4

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Similar Style

Issue - How can we make multiple images that feel like they all belong together?
Solution - This can go in a few directions, but I decided to stick with the idea of color and style. If you create a prompt with a bunch of the same descriptive terms (like color and such) you can swap out the main subject and get a lot of images that feel like they are a series, a cohesive body of work.

In this example, I began the prompt with “studio photography” to set the medium and light and layout, and then ended each prompt with “with golden fractal metal details” to get a style for each object. Of course, you can go further and describe the background and such, but this is a good starting point to get images that belong together. Here is a n airplane, a gaming computer, and a bicycle - because, why not.

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/imagine prompt: studio photography of a _____ with golden fractal metal details --ar 3:2 --v 4

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Black And White

Issue - How can we make an image that is ONLY black and white?
Solution - I obviously started the prompt with “black and white” but many times that makes an image in greyscale. I tried adding “illustrator style vector art” to simplify the forms, then also ended with “icon” thinking that could further stress the simplification of it. I could test each of these separately to see what makes the most difference, but you know what, we got where we wanted to go!

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/imagine prompt: black and white illustrator style vector art of a windmil icon --v 4 --style 4b

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Cartoon Comic

Issue - How can we make an image that looks like a really simple comic on a white background? Let’s make a cop chasing a bank robber.
Solution - The first thing to do is think about the best and simplest way to describe the image you want to see. Comics are drawings, but very basic and simple, so let’s use exactly that. A simple cartoon drawing. This gets you almost there, but usually they are placed into a background, so let’s end the prompt with “white background” to try to eliminate that.

Now, multiple characters gets complicated. Often times the AI will mix things up. Outfits and such. Keep in mind it might take a few re-rolls to get everything right… Sometimes the robber is chasing the cop, or a cop is chasing another cop - which made me giggle, lol. It’s not perfect, but now we know a good starting point.

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/imagine prompt: a simple comic cartoon drawing of a police officer chasing a criminal, white background --ar 3:2 --v 4

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