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by Shane McGeehan

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Melting AI

I am a photo artist. Much of my work begins with a camera, but it isn't your typical photography. I developed a process in Adobe Photoshop to "melt" my photos, and decided to try the effect on some MidJourney V4 images. I won't give away my magic trick secrets, but...

Flicker Film Cube

You can do some really cool stuff with MidJourney images and video editing, especially if you like a good flicker film. This piece makes me think of the old Mothlight film by Stan Brakhage, where the animation isn't about a narrative, but perception itself. I've been...


Okay, kind of a weird one, but I am weird, so let's go... I realized I only had a few hours left in my membership for the month and had a lot of fast GPU hours left. I went /fast and just started spitting out the same prompt and seed over and over and over in V3. 🤪...

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The Moth

I am working on a big video project using MidJourney imagery, a flicker film about nature and...

Big Boat

I am an art photographer and I live by the beach. As one would expect, this means I am sitting on...

Cable Management

This is Edgar. Edgar hates cable management... I will (happily) admit that I am the opposite of...

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