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by Shane McGeehan

About Me

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About Me

  • Biography → Learn about me, this website, and my thoughts on AI.
    └ Introduction, Prompter Guide, Support AI, The Future
  • Background → Some accomplishments in the field of art and tech.
    └ Education, Skills, Achievements, Experience, Exhibitions
  • Thoughts → Blog posts about my thoughts on AI, art, and stuff.
  • AI Art → Art that I make using MidJourney, from my Blog.
  • Contact Me → Questions, comments, or commissions.


▪ Introduction

My name is Shane and I am an AI educator and weird artist who got an MFA because I was bored. I love to help and teach others, so I created this website! Though I work as a Professional Video Editor, and have a strong passion for photography (4×5 to 35 / microscope to telescope) the computer has always been a source of creative inspiration for me. My passion for digital imaging stretches in many directions, from self-developed Photoshop actions for procedural manipulation, to large-scale psychedelic installations, to sculpting things in Virtual Reality via Medium & Masterpiece… and now using artificial intelligence to create experimental art animations and more.

Follow my Blog to learn more of my thoughts on AI, MidJourney tips and tricks, and a bunch of weird art experiments along the way. ✌

(me… as a muppet)

▪ Prompter Guide

When I first got into AI imagery, I had the idea to create Prompter, a Google Spreadsheet to assist and inspire prompt design for MidJourney. After a lot of attention, I decided to start a new idea – this website! A Visual Notebook to help others learn MidJourney, in a detailed but organized way. You can see how different terms affect an output, use seeds, stylize, chaos, and even image blending. My goal is to make a resource that is simple enough for beginners, but comprehensive and (hopefully) inspiring enough for you advanced prompters out there… and thanks to the thousands of visitors per month, I guess I’ll keep at it.

▪ Support AI

As an artist who spent much of his life learning, schooling, and making, I strongly support AI as a creative tool for many reasons. Technology evolves to make things easier and more accessible. I see this as a good thing. Think about photography: If we never evolved from the wet plate method, there would be exponentially fewer photographers and images. Film came around and made photography more widespread, then digital, then camera phones. Now we have more image-makers and more images to look at. This brings me to my next point – happiness. Exploring your imagination and being creative feels good, and so I think the evolution of technologies like AI allows more people to make things, which feels good, which makes the world a happier place.

▪ The Future

AI is changing fast (too fast?), and so as MidJourney grows and evolves, I plan to keep this free resource constantly updated. I am quite active in the official MidJourney Facebook group, and love to help people with prompt issues and questions, but will also share lots of experiments, testing, and prompts in my Blog, and soon some video tutorials – so bookmark the site, man! (…and I have decided not to include a typical long Shane rant here about how inevitably various forms of AI will get too good, too fast, to the point where society is unable to keep up with the evolution and we begin to crumble, our government doesn’t act accordingly or fast enough to keep things afloat and… ummm… anyway, it’ll be okay, I’m sure.)


▪ Education

MFA in Digital Art / Photography (The Ohio State University, 2015)
BFA in Computer Art (Syracuse University, 2007)
→ RISD Visiting Student in Photography (Rhode Island School of Design, 2006)
→ PhillyU Studies in E-Design (Philadelphia University, 2005)

▪ Skills

Artificial Intelligence – MidJourney, Visions Of Chaos, Stable Diffusion… Craiyon?
Digital Media Editing
– Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, Audition, Illustrator, DxO PhotoLAB
Photography – Digital (Fujifilm, Nikon, Canon), Film (35mm, 4×5, 120, 620, 110)
Virtual Reality – Adobe Medium, Masterpiece Studio, Google Tilt Brush
Other – Google Spreadsheets, WordPress, Macro Development, Adobe Actions & Scripts

▪ Achievements

Publication – Interviewed for an article “AI, Machines Rising” by Rob Wilson
Award – Adobe Photoshop grand prize, international Faking It contest
– Featured in the 6th edition of the international FRAMES Magazine
Commission – Hired to create graphics in Virtual Reality for a start-up
Grant – Judith Youshock 2015 Artist’s Grant
Article – Going Beyond My Borders, Featured Work in November’s Digital Companion
Lecturer – Photography in the Arts, 21st Century Photography Group
PublicationVirtual Reality sculpt features on “Masterpiece” official Steam website
Lecturer – My Work: Past & Present, Pike Image Council
Lecturer – Photography in the Arts, Northeast Photography Club
Television – Art installation featured in Broad & High, Ohio PBS

▪ Experience

AI Educator & Prompt Designer – Guide and Moderator for MidJourney AI, assisting people one-on-one with troubleshooting and prompt writing. Created a tool (Prompter) to assist, inspire, and ease prompt design, with a comprehensive interface and cloud database. Developed this website (PrompterGuide) as a free resource for the AI community.
Media Editing Lead
– Edited well over 1,500 videos, from reels to luxury real estate to television commercials. Created automated methods of editing in Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop in order to expedite workflow.
Studio Lead – Managed a product photography studio with ProFoto lights, tethered dSLR cameras, and 360° photography equipment. Trained a team of three photographers and assistants. Edited thousands of images using my own streamlined RAW to JPEG workflow and actions in Adobe Photoshop.
Teaching Associate – Taught six semesters of digital photography to undergraduates at The Ohio State University. Prepared lessons on technique, and led group discussions on historical and contemporary issues within the medium.
Imaging Technician – Created custom Adobe Photoshop actions in order to speed up the photo editing process. Managed film development, negative scanning, post-processing, printing, and packaging.

▪ Exhibitions

Group Show – AI Video Art Exhibition, Emerging from Latent Space, Austin TX
Solo Show
 – Self-Portraits, Waverly Small Works Gallery
Solo Show – Redefining Nature Photography, CameraWork
Performance – Theta Waves, The Wonderstone Gallery
Solo Show – Altered States, AFA Gallery
Group Show – Altered Realities, PhotoPlace Gallery (Juror: Brooke Shaden)
Group Show – Members’ Exhibition, Summer, AFA Gallery
Performance – Theta Waves, NEPA Art Fair
Group Show – Gallery Opening, Keen Eye Studio, Folly Beach SC
Group Show – SCREAMworks II, SteamWorks gallery
Group Show – Scranton Fringe Festival
Group Show – Imagine the Fantastic, LH Horton Jr Gallery
Group Show – The 60th Annual Fine Arts Fiesta
Group Show – Geometry, Hera Gallery
Group Show – Phase Shift, OSU MFA Show

Thoughts (from my blog)

Art Photography to AI

I am a media editor. For money, sure, but I mean as a person. It is one of my many passions. I have edited probably 2,000 plus videos (commercial, social, interview), a shameful amount of photographs (nature, art, real estate) - and somehow it has never lost its...

Bangin’ Prompts

Is this a joke? Obviously, yes.Does it kind of make you think about things? I think so. I've been pondering prompting a lot recently, and how sometimes it doesn't matter if your prompt is short or way too long, has commas or parentheses, contains nonsense, or is even...

Fonts In MidJourney

Months ago I came up with a method to spell words in MidJourney using image prompt, but it takes a lot of time because you need to design a letter in Photoshop, save it, upload it, and prompt it - for every single letter! I had an idea to automatically batch an...

Pictures Of Charleston

I'm a photographer. Like, love cameras so much that I got a master's degree in photography. I make a lot of weird and conceptual art, but I also just enjoy making pretty pictures. Experiencing those moments and freezing them in time makes me happy. I moved to...

AI Art (from my blog)

Animation Progress

Hey, been a bit quiet lately. I’m busy working on an animation project using MidJourney and After Effects, a music video for an incredibly talented electronic musician in Colorado, Souliseum... I am currently in the process of moving 1,000 miles away, so it’ll likely...

Joseph Niépce’s Chickens

Most photographers out there are well aware of the grainy black and white image taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, famously known as the first photograph. What is lesser known (and not true at all, completely made up for the sake of humor) is that the image is not...

VR Sculpting to AI Imagery

I always seem to be attracted to things that feel like magic (AI is a clear example of this). Five years ago I got my first Virtual Reality headset. I never tried one, but when I saw videos about Google Tilt Brush and Masterpiece Studio and Adobe Medium, I needed to...

The Moth

I am working on a big video project using MidJourney imagery, a flicker film about nature and altered states. It is likely going to take a while (dozens of scenes ready to edit) but I wanted to share one work-in-progress because I thought it was a pretty cool example...

Contact Me

Got questions? Got suggestions? Want to team up? Want to commission work? You came to the right place. Send me a message and I’ll get back to you… You can always find me on LinkedIn, and I am incredibly active in the MidJourney Official Facebook group.

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/imagine prompt: black background, knolling photography of a circle made of metal circuit boards, wires and gears, led lights hue glow insanely detailed --v 4 --style 4b

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