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Get Shpongled
Are you Shpongled? (if so, you rock) I’ve been playing around with the new cref feature that allows you to refrence facial details from another image, then randomly decided to put the Shpongle Mask in my prompts… Immediately, I laughed out loud. 🤣

Anyway, here is the Shpongle Man:
…in Star Wars with R2D2.
…in The Simpsons watching TV.
…in a photograph by Lewis Hine.
…in a Shpongle concert! 🍄

Hold up. You don’t know what the heck Shpongle is? Okay, I am warning you, be careful, this might change your life:

(click the prompt to copy it!)

/imagine prompt: a movie scene from star wars of a man with r2d2 --ar 2:3 --cw 100 --cref --v 6.0

(click to view)

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