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Mimicking Photography

I am a photographer. I love it so much that I got a master’s degree in the subject. I like to think about how much the medium has changed, and how much it will change in the future… A few photography clubs I am in have begun to chatter about AI and its place in photography. Many scream about it, but like, I don’t ever see AI being accepted as photography.

Fundamentally, photography is defined as capturing light. So a camera, a scanner, a cyanotype – all methods of using light to create. Perhaps if a dataset was trained on ONLY photographs, then only used that data to create new images – technically that might be photography? I mean, it started as captured light, then become a digital diffusion. Anyway, AI will be accepted as a part of photography, a tool to alter and enhance (like Photoshop), however, I don’t think pure AI images will ever be accepted into photo shows.

Anyway, I spent the past week at a lakehouse going for hikes in the woods and enjoying nature, and as a photographer – taking a lot of pictures. I used a photo as an image prompt and then attempted to describe it to see if I could get a photo-like output. The first prompt is below, however I did remix it quite a bit.


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/imagine prompt: IMAGEURL low-angle photograph of a path in a forest covered in red fallen maple leaves, shallow depth of field, tree covered background, golden leaves on trees, dark shadows, turquoise blue sky --ar 2:3 --testp

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