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Remixing Is Here
Re-re-re-reeeemix! MidJourney just added the new Remix feature, and it’s super awesome. After you enter a prompt and want to make variations, you can now edit your prompt in the process! It’s not just about designing a great prompt, but really working it as you go, maybe into something completely new. Here is a weird example to show all the stuff you can alter:

Let’s see what we can do with Remix:
1. Original Prompt (a man encased in broken glass shards –v 3)
2. How about a lady instead (a woman encased in broken glass shards)
3. Switch to TestP algorithm (a woman encased in broken glass shards –testp)
4. Change main elements (a woman encased in water and smoke –testp)
5. Remove TestP and change elements again (a woman encased in glitter and neon light –v 3)
6. Bring TestP back for face quality (a woman encased in glitter and neon light –testp)

(click the prompt to copy it!)

/imagine prompt: a woman encased in glitter and neon light --testp --ar 2:3

(click to view)

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