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Okay, kind of a weird one, but I am weird, so let’s go… I realized I only had a few hours left in my membership for the month and had a lot of fast GPU hours left. I went /fast and just started spitting out the same prompt and seed over and over and over in V3. 🤪

Had the idea to construct a trippy video. I wanted it to be fast, and kind of unpleasant. I downloaded all the MidJourney images, used Visions Of Chaos to batch a 3D motion effect, then edited a ton of exports together in Premiere (the sound was also generated by me from an older performance project). Now if someone says you can’t make animation with MidJourney, yes you can! Hope ya dig it.

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/imagine prompt: the edge of the universe, photo realism, volumetric lighting, beams of light, sunset, complex, nebula, planets, pin trees, river, mountains, thunderstorm --sameseed 22762 --quality 5 --ar 3:2 --v 3

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