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Hurricane Monster

I currently am living on the coast of South Carolina, so sometimes we get bad storms. Well, this hurricane that hit Florida went back into the ocean and turned into a hurricane again, and right now it is headed right at us in Charleston. We’ll be fine, no worries, but this stuff (1) fascinates me and (2) stresses me out.

To show how I feel about these awful giant storms (that part of me also kinda loves) I used multiple prompts in MidJourney AI to create images, blended them together in Photoshop, then used Visions Of Chaos to AI colorize, and painted in color myself again… They really are monsters. 🌀

(click the prompt to copy it!)

/imagine prompt: photograph of a hurricane storm with monster fangs and claws insanely detailed from above --chaos 5 --ar 3:2 --test --creative

(click to view)

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