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by Shane McGeehan

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Pattern Design

MidJourney just added a Tile feature so that you can create seamless patterns, but that isn’t what’s going on here. Nothing beats bringing an image into Photoshop and getting really weird with it. I created this patterned piece thinking about the idea of a quantum computer and how they are so complex that I will never understand. 💾

I created a bunch of machines in MidJourney V3. In Photoshop, I cut the image into an equilateral triangle, then mirrored and rotated it around itself to create a tesselation. I like how the machine becomes so overwhelmingly complicated, just like the quantum computers I will never understand.

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/imagine prompt: A futuristic fractal producing machine:: pipes, wires, capacitors, transistors, fuses, circuit boards:: photograph, hyper realistic, intricate, hard lighting, steampunk, 15mm wide-angle lens --no blur, blurry, dof, soft focus --ar 9:16 --v 3

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